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Video replays a step closer for soccer?

Date: Thursday, February 16 @ 19:42:34 CST
By Stephen Fry

Football's lawmakers are to be asked to consider using instant video replays to help referees.

The French football federation (FFF) has asked the International FA Board (IFAB) for a video system to be tested in the professional game.

Sports such as rugby league, American football and cricket have already embraced video replays, while FIFA are already in the process of testing goal-line technology to judge when the ball crosses the line.

However, the request is likely to be opposed by FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who is against any technology that would hold up the game in any way.

The IFAB, who meet in Lucerne , Switzerland on March 4, are also being urged to crack down on time-wasting in the game. A FIFA statement said: "FIFA has proposed an amendment to the rules so that in future any player who intentionally interferes with the ball to prevent an opponent from restarting play, at a free-kick, throw-in or corner will receive a yellow card. By the same token, it is proposed that a yellow card be shown to any player who interferes with the ball after his team has scored in an effort to delay the restart."

The IFAB will also hear a report on the latest trials of the goal-line technology, plus a request by UEFA to test a referees' communication system.

FIFA also want to amend the rules to put it in black and white that players' shirts and shorts cannot be attached to each other, following Cameroon 's attempt to play in an all-in-one strip.

The IFAB is made up of representatives from the FAs of England, Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland as well as FIFA. FIFA have four votes on the body, while the four British associations have one vote apiece. A proposal requires a three-quarter majority, six of the eight votes, to be passed.

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