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Beginners Casino Guide Tips

So you want to start gambling at an online casino. Either you've heard or have been told by friends that it's fun, it's exciting and you will have access to the most popular casino games available. I guess you've also been told you can make a nice little profit too. Yes online gambling is all this and more! However, before you place your first wager there are certain guidelines that if you follow will make you experience enjoyable. Using this information may also save you from some bad, ugly experiences too.

That is although the majority of online casino venues are trustworthy and operate with integrity, there are a small number that are the complete opposite. Casino gambling is just like any other recreational activity, you have to first gain knowledge about what your doing, otherwise your likely to find yourself in uncharted waters.

Before you Wager at Online Casinos

Research & preperation is paramount. It takes the frustration out of any possible issues you may encounter if you simply run like a bull at a gate. The most important factor, make sure the casino is trustworthy. Although every venue within Wager2win UK is reliable and pays their winners, I'm sure you'll want to venture out and wager at other casinos sooner or later. Hence if you keep what I'm about to share with you in mind, your less likely to run into any problems.

Casino Research

Conduct a search on google try using just the casino name, if this venue has been up to any dodgy business someone somewhere will have posted a complaint about it. Visit reputable gambling portals who you trust, portals who care about this industry will have a rogue casino warning list. Talk to other gamblers and learn from their experiences. A good start is our casino forum if unsure about something post a question.

Casinos Rules

Read both the casino rules, Terms & Conditions (known also as T&C's) and bonus conditions if you intend to accept a sign up bonus or any bonuses. It's too late after you've dropped your first wager as this means you agree to be bound by the casino rules.

Casino Funding Methods

Depending on how you intend to purchase your casino credits will ultimately determine the speed at which you will receive your winnings. Therefore it is a good idea to view our online casino banking guide, this explains each respected funding method. Please remember that most casinos can not refund your winnings back to Credit Card, you'll have to provide an alternative; be this bank wire or accepting a casino/bank cheque.

Your Bankroll

Decide before hand how much money your are preparded to wager. It's not hard to get carried away in the excitement and spend more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Hence setting a bankroll before you wager will enhance your ultimate enjoyment.

Signup Bonuses

All casinos offer some type of signup bonus. Some even offer a no deposit signup (the casino will give you a free chip to try their venue). Again it is important to read their Terms & Conditions in relationship to accepting bonuses. This sets out what games can be wagered on to fullfil wagering terms. If you don't want to accept a bonus, you must contact the casino support and request that your bonus is removed from your account BEFORE YOU DROP A SINGLE WAGER. Failure to do this means that you'll void the acceptance of the bonus and you'll have to play out the play thru for this bonus.

Ten Casino Tips

  • Research the casino before you join or wager
  • Read the casino rules, T&C's and bonus rules before wagering
  • Make sure the casino accepts your chosen funding method
  • Conduct a google search & or refer to a trusted rogue casino warning list
  • Make sure the casino is contactable 24/7 by at phone and email
  • If unsure about a casino venue, find a reputable UK casino forum and ask questions
  • Establish a bankroll before you wager and stick to it
  • Don't gamble when intoxicated or under the influence of medication that influence your judgement
  • Don't chase your losses; tomorrow is another day Lady Luck mybe with you then
  • When you win cash out

If Gambling Becomes a Problem
In the UK there is gamcare who provides a anonyomous service for people with problem gambling issues. Some casinos also offer in house gambling problem support too. You can also find help at gamblers anonymous who hold meetings all over the world. Simple contact them and they will provide assistance in contacting help in your Country.

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