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Betfred Online Casino and Sports Book

Betfred Online Casino and Sports Book

BetFred Online Casino Review

Established in England circa 1967 by two brothers Fred and Peter Done. Fred Done still resides as Chairman of the BetFred empire, with its claim to fame as the world's largest independent bookmakers. Also holding the enviable title of 'UK's biggest independent high street retailer'. Boasting over 550 shops, 2,000 employees and a turnover in excess of an amazing £650 million.

The BetFred conglomerate is a company that provides a solid, reputable and integrity driven portfolio, backed by many years of unrivalled service. In my opinion, BetFred would surpass even the most discerning players requirements.

For this review I deposited $50US and played using the downloaded version of BetFred casino. The most important aspect that I'd like to draw your attention to is the quickness of installation of both the software and casino games; which load seamlessly in the background whilst playing other games. Obviously your internet connection will ultimately determine the time factor here

What also impresses me about BetFred casino is the overall clarity of each game. BetFred has managed to obtain a really pleasing contrast of colour, which ultimately is easy on the eyes, whilst providing an easy to use casino suite interface

Now I'm by no means a blackjack player, though, even with my lack of blackjack savvy experience I was able to win more than a few hands. Unlike other casinos, not once did the deal pull a 5 card 21, nor did the dealer achieve multiple blackjacks in a row either

Roulette was my next game, although I didn't fair very well; taking one number and sticking with this. I didn't earn one single win. However I only wagered $10 @ $1 a bet size, so please don't take this as any type of fair comparison

My overall game play lasted for around 1 hour, which is not bad for only a $50 deposit, seeing 75% of my bets were at $1 each

I'd also like to note that BetFred undertakes monthly game payout audits. These are conducted by a highly respect and accredited third party company. In essence the overall payout percentage is formulised against each game; total monitory amount wagered against monitory amount payed out, these figures are then compared against all games in the casino suite and a overall percentage payout for each month is given

Drawing from my personal opinion, BetFred casino offers fair payouts on all its games. In reality it really would not be in BetFred's interests to jeopardise its reputation by delivering anything other premium straight up unbiased game play

In my opinion I highly recommend BetFred as a definate online casino to hold membership at. This also goes with their other gambling interests too.


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