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Slots vs Blackjack

Some would say that slots and blackjack is like comparing apples with oranges, but whether you are considering playing the games in an online casino or at a land based casino both games can be very entertaining.

In a slot game, there is very little thought involved in the process other than choosing a game that you enjoy the most as well as choosing the denomination that you would like to wager. After you deposit your bill in the machine or you deposit money to your online casino account all you can do is decide how much money you would like to bet per spin and what is required to win a jackpot, after this is done you just cross your fingers and hope to hit it big. Some players say to have a system and cash out when a machine pays a certain amount and while this may seem like a smart approach it is statistically proven that there is no exact pattern that sets off a jackpot so there is no science to winning at slots.

Another great aspect of playing online is that you are able to play at most casinos as a guest. This in effect gives you the freedom to play free slots to your hearts content until you find that one particular online slot machine that will give you the best entertaining experience you are looking for.

In blackjack the player has much more control than in slot play however as with any casino game the odds favour the house. In blackjack the purpose of the game is to have cards total a sum of 21 without going over while also playing against the dealer in order to have a hand that is higher than the dealer. The player is dealt two cards face up and the dealer is dealt one card face up and the other face down. If you or the dealer is dealt an ace with any face card or ten that is considered a blackjack and unless you tie the dealer it is an automatic win. Blackjack usually pays 2-1; all other hands are paid 1-1. While this game could take a while to win a large sum of money if you play your cards right you could be very successful, however an element of luck still plays in the game.

Both Slots and Blackjack are really engaging whether playing in an online casino or at a land based casino. If you are really looking to play both then you are in luck because many online casinos have created a slot machine version of blackjack combining the two games together and giving slot players the option to learn a thing or two about blackjack while they are at it!

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