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Casino Slots :

Wagering on slot machines is by far the easiest of all casino games and seems to be the most exciting too. Slot machine as we know them today come in many different styles and are now available in mulitple betting lines. Once you've determined the size of your bet, you simply keep pushing the slot machine button until you get a win.

Slots Machine Types :

There is the conventional single line slots that you would have seen in Land based casinos. These pay-out on one line only and come in either flat top (meaning a fixed payout) or a progressive payout scale.

In the last few years (since 2003) slots known as the Australian multi line video slots have become very popular. You'll notice this uptake has become present with many online casinos adding these multiple line slots to thier casino game suites.

Video Slots :

These games offer a greater appeal by delivering bonus rounds and by enabling more than one line to be played at a time. The most famous of these are one that first got introduced by the famous online casino software provider Microgaming. This is the following great game :

Thunderstruck :

A 9 line slots that also has scatters. When 3 or more scatters are hit the bonus round is activated, giving the player 15 free spins mulitplied by three and then times the number of bets first staked when the bonus feature is actived. Video Slots like this can produce high winnings.


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