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Rogue Casino Warnings

A rogue casino is an online gambling venue that conducts its business void of integrity. Wager2winUK uses in part the following criteria to determine if an online casino should be blacklisted:

  • A casino that does not honour pay-outs to its winning players.
  • Intentional misleading advertising aiming to scam players deposits.
  • Casino software that produces manipulated non random results.
  • A casino that allows affiliate/s to use others copyrighted content to populate their affiliate/s web site.
  • A casino that is directly or indirectly responsible for seach engine spamming & or blog spamming.

Although the rogue casino list that follows is by no means complete, it does provide casino warnings to gambling venues that Wager2winUK feels are the worst rogue casinos.

Virtual Casino Group

Known for operating clone casinos. (casinos which operate from a different URL and display different aesthetics but share the same software). By operating in this manner Virtual Casino Group set up over 100+ casino front ends and accepted signups from players who had previously held an account at another of their sister casinos. In affect voiding all casino accounts held with this group.

Although this group claims to be trying to turn over a new leaf, considering the damage they have done, I'd be extremely cautious. From my personal contact with players my knowledge is that this group still owes players in excess of $250,000US and that's a conservative figure.

The following software Icon belongs to Virtual Casino Group:

Virtual Casino

If you download casino software that has uses this icon, find another casino to wager at.

CasinoBar and Casinoonair - software COA Software

Caught out using rigged software. What more is there to say.


All casinos that use this software are to be avoided. Video Poker odds can be manipulated from the backend office management software, thus altering the payouts. There has also been complaints about winners not being paid. The usual non responsive replies to payment emails too.

Elka Systems - Oyster Gaming

Non payment of winnings, promotional spam, copyright theft from other casinos sites. Dubious ownership of casinos. Administration claims to be in Canada however with some research the company operates out of Russia. Wager2winUK believes if they can't be honest with a simple fact like this, then how earth are you going to trust them with paying your winnings or not operating dodgy software.

If Gambling Becomes a Problem

In the UK there is gamcare who provides a anonyomous service for people with problem gambling issues. Some casinos also offer in house gambling problem support too. You can also find help at gamblers anonymous who hold meetings all over the world. Simple contact them and they will provide assistance in contacting help in your Country.

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