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Almost anyone that is a fan of tournament poker is aware of the WSOP and the WPT poker tournaments. Many only dream of playing in these tournaments, they aspire to play against poker legends such as Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, Phil Ivey, and many others. But the cost of entering these tournaments is usually out of reach for most individuals.

At a tournament entry fees start at $10,000 for the main event, the dream of playing in the tournament will be just that for most: A Dream. But since the existence of online casinos many people that could not ever even dream of playing in these tournaments are now not only playing in them but some are actually taking home the top prize.

Internet casinos often hold qualifier tournaments and other raffle type events that allow online casino poker players to enter into tier leveled tournaments for as little as 10 cents and make it all the way to Vegas to compete in these events.

Players can enter for a buy-in of $120(for example) compete against 10 players, if they win that game they are then given entry into another tournament worth about $1200 where if they win that tournament they are then given a seat in the tournament and a fully paid package to stay in Las Vegas and compete while representing the online casino that awarded them this prize.

For many, online casinos have made their dreams come true! Many online players have turned into poker professionals this day and all that are asked say that they owe their gratitude to some diligent playing and most of all the online casinos that brought them to their destination.

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