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Beginners casino guide - an introduction to casino gambling. Best suited to new players, our casino guide is drawn from many years of personal experience both in online gambling and gambling at traditional land based establishments.

Gambling Casinos can be exciting, it can be rewarding too, though like most activities there are pitfalls. Our beginners casino guide tries to advise you with reputable information when it comes to understanding the basics of casino gambling.

Once equipped with a general understanding of casinos and how they operate, your overall enjoyment should increase which in turn should make your casino gambling a pleasant recreational experience.

Casino Reviews

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One doesn't learn to whistle by reading a book, the same goes for online casino gambling. Although a good online casino guide wont make you an overnight success, it will provide a platform to trustworthy, integrity driven casinos, that pay their winners.

Wager2winUK Guarantee

I hold a commitment to providing factual, unbiased casino reviews, that are based on my personal experiences from over nine years of casino gambling online. In stating this I will not write a casino review unless I've played at this casino gambling venue. This is a casino directory and more specifically, we are also a UK Casino Directory so that we offer truly international fare.

Gambling News

Want to know what's going on in the world of the online casino and online gambling, then we've got that covered too. Wager2winUK sources the latest gambling and casino news, about international and UK Casinos, and presents in our gambling news section.

Gambling Lingo

Does a boat make you think of water? Or what about a roll (that's not ham either). Our gambling lingo holds all your answers and more. Wager2winUK presents a vast and in depth guide to gambling lingo, gambling slang and everything in between. Get sharp and savvy today with our encyclopedia on gambling lingo.

Casino Forum

One of the best ways to learn which U.K. Online Casinos are worthy of your patronage. Wager2winUK casino forum offers a friendly gambling community which you can participate thru. Providing topics that will empower your online gambling knowledge, whilst making it a fun activity. Wager2winUK casino forum by gamblers for gamblers.

Casino Games

Provides a concise history on all casino games and the basic rules for each popular casino game that is currently available online. Casino beginners this is a must read if your unsure about the basic casino game rules.


Offers an assortment of programs that may assist you whilst gambling. For example, these include screen capture software great for taking that big winning screen shot. Best of all these are all free of charge and come to you from recommended third parties.

Please remember to only wager what you can afford and try to avoid chasing your loses. Tomorrow is another day and Lady Lucky maybe smiling favorably on you then. May I wish you all the best.

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